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By admin
Good morning!

Still at the beta stages of the launch of our new website design & new forum design! So - you get special privileges! (Again, this is a super small list of people - about 300 people on this newsletter).

Question - at what price would you be willing to try out Sweepers Choice for a month? (You might just get it!) Please let me know by the end of today (Friday/Oct 21), because we'll see if we can do it by then.

Hopefully I've conveyed what it is, and you can see the benefit to it. (If not, let me know - you might get a free bonus for your feedback!) But re-iterating - in case you didn't - it let's you enter 250-350 daily sweepstakes, every day, with the click of a button.

- As opposed to "automated" systems - you enter from your own computer. (Automated systems run from one computer/their server).
- You see what you are entering. (Automated systems don't show you that).
- And you see the sponsor name/company website/etc that is sponsoring the sweepstakes. (Automated systems don't allow that either).

Most successful sweepers (people who enter to win prizes) - use some type of form filling program to speed up the entry process, so they can enter 100's of sweepstakes a day. SweepersChoice is a form filling application designed specifically for organizing and entering sweepstakes.

So. Questions for you today:

a) What price would you be willing to try out the SweepersChoice Premium for a month? (You might just get it - since this is our new site/forum design).
b) Any feedback/comments/suggestions on the main website? Specifically, overall look & feel, did it answer all your questions, or - do you have any outstanding questions? If it's useful feedback - (i.e., something we can improve) - we'll add a bonus to your membership.
c) And... any feedback on the youtube channel? (I.e., topics you'd like to see discussed, unanswered questions, etc). Might get a bonus for this too!

Thanks! & Have a great day!

- J
By wendy1214
I would love to try out a month of sweepers choice for $10. It sounds like a good idea, just so used to entering by hand, not sure how this would compare
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By admin

Thanks - yes, you would get a full two weeks to try out at $10. Usually people win a good amount, so find afterwards the $29/month is a reasonable price for what they get.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

By wendy1214
You had originally posted asking how much you would pay for a month trial. I would love to try it for a month at $10 before I make a much larger commitment.
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By Fancyfeet47
I like the fact that I am getting 2 weeks for free to try that is a good time to see if you would like the software :D but other wise maybe 10 dollars a month would be good
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