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By admin

After watching the video, please answer these questions to be entered into the mini-contest to win a $10 Amazon E-Gift Card:

a) How much did you like the video (rating 1-5, 1 =no, 5= yes, definitely)
b) What did you like about the video? (Specific 1-2 items)
c) If anything, what did you not like/wish could be changed about the video? (Optional 1-2 items, if applicable)
d) What topic(s) would you find valuable in video format/to learn more about (Specific 1-2 items)
e) Do you like a video format, or do you prefer reading articles on sweeping, or something else?

And finally,

a) Please review this page:, and indicate any specific questions you have with respect to the premium membership. (I.e., do you understand what the product is/how it benefits you, and if so, what would make you want to try it out for a month?)

Rules for this contest are straightforward (full rules on website), but basically (short version of the rules):

1. Open to USA Residents, 18+/age of majority in their residence. 2. Contest runs from October 14-15th, 2016. 3. To enter, you need to watch the video and answer the questions in this post. 4. Prize is a $10 amazon e-gift card, to be sent to e-mail address on file through the posting. Winner allows SweepersChoice to publish their name as a winner, and accepts prize as is. 5. Winner will be selected 50% by random, and 50% determined by judging criteria (i.e., how useful/detailed responses are, as opposed to say short yes/no answers). 6. Winners name/alias will be published to e-mail list as the winner. 7. Decisions by SweepersChoice are final.


By ztkmama

After watching the video, please answer these questions to be entered into the mini-contest to win a $10 Amazon E-Gift Card:

a) 3
b) the music was fun, the information is valid
c) n/a
d) finding sweepstakes & people who enter them (for referrals)
e) I like the video because i can listen to it in the background when i'm entering sweepstakes on another tab, but i do enjoy reading articles

And finally,

a) I'm in the middle. I've seen in the official rules many times that using automated software will get you disqualified. I'm interested in the entering 1,000 sweeps a day with a click of a button. Proof that people have won using the software might make me consider it :D
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By admin
Hi ZTKMama,

Thanks for the message, unfortunately the contest is over :( (no one posted in time).
But, we will probably have a new one in the future! So stay tuned for that...

Re: the last comment, thanks - appreciate that.

Yes - usually what companies talk about "automated" is when someone abuses the process of entry. I.e., if it is a '1-time' only, entering ten thousand times. Or - submitting for 200 profiles, or fake profiles, etc. Usually as long as you see what you are entering, it's a-okay. The software makes sure that you only enter according to the rules (i.e., frequencies), and also that you enter from your own computer, and so forth.

Many people have won - we've posted what they've submitted to us here:

Is there some other form of proof that would help? (Unfortunately, people don't seem to submit pictures and/or videos of their prizes, so... not sure how to get them to do that). But they have won.
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