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How many sweepstakes do you enter a day?

None. What's a sweepstakes?
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1-5 - I enter when I have time, but I'm pretty busy.
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5-25 - I make some time when I have it.
25-75 - I LOVE sweepstaking! I spend at least a couple hours a day!
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75+ - I am a sweepstakes monster! And I have prizes to prove that!
I used to sweep alot years ago and just started back into doing them 3 weeks ago I do all kinds daily and single ones weekly ones and monthly ones blogs are easy to do I am hoping to be winning alot this time cause I can do alot more then I ever did faster computers now and I have alot more time that I have im hoping that this software will help me save time and win more I will keep you posted
If you look there are sweeps every where look in your e mail to all the junk mail you get lots of sweeps there also on face book I enter tons of them from my facebook page also twitter even daily from my amazon mail there are at least 50 on a page daily many are instant wins
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